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Feminine Total Care

Here, we have all the solutions that women need.
Improve your condition with nutritional fluids/injections!
Increase your confidence with effective hair removal and diet!


Obesity Clinic

A fundamental diet customized for my body

Lante Customized Obesity Clinic

Lante OBGYN knows a woman’s body best! We will find the most beautiful lines in your body through various healthy methods such as medication, hormones, and device treatment.

Please pay special attention
if you are experiencing the following concerns.

  • It is particularly difficult to reduce the fat in some areas such as the forearms, abdomen, and thighs.
  • I am worried because I gain weight too easily.
  • I need to increase muscle mass as well as lose body fat.
  • I want to remove fat, but I want to avoid surgery.
  • I need quick but healthy weight loss after childbirth.

The Uniqueness of Lante obesity clinic

Responsible care

the Representative Director
and Gynecologist who has
the highest level of
the female body.

Healthy diet

diet that reduces body fat
while strengthening muscle
strength and increasing
basal metabolic rate.

Total care system

from consultation on
concerns to short/long-term
customized diet and health
management according
to the purpose.


Fundamental constitution
improvement clinic that
solves the causes first
to prevent yo-yo effects.

Lante obesity clinic Program

Appetite suppressant

Hormone therapy

Obesity pen Saxenda


Triple-Diet IV Fluids

Fat decomposition injection

Lante’s Prescription Weight-Loss Medicine

Saxenda/Diet pills

Saxenda is an obesity treatment composed of liraglutide ingredient that plays a similar role to the appetite-regulating hormone (GLP-1) in the body.Since it helps to reduce appetite and increase satiety, it is effective for weight loss and maintaining a diet. Based on doctor’s diagnosis, we guide you on safe dosage and methods, and set up the most effective diet plan for individuals. We also prescribe diet pills according to the plan.

Lante Accucurv solution


Accucurv is a device that strengthens core muscles using the E.M.S. principle, and is effective for visceral fat and waist circumference reduction, blood circulation, and elasticity improvement. The advantage is that you can receive the treatment comfortably lying down without taking off your clothes. It is excellent for body shape correction and body line improvement, resulting in a visible change in your appearance. It is also effective in postpartum body shape correction. It provides stimulation that contracts and relaxes muscles when doing the four core exercises to strengthen muscles and burn fat more efficiently.

Triple Diet

Lante Triple Diet

Triple Diet

The optimal balance diet
tailored to my body.
We will create
the most beautiful lines
using 3 effective methods.

Model Fit Injection

A fat destruction injection with no steroids that selects and destroys fat cells only, and discharges them from the body. Lante’s special know-how effectively removes remaining flab to create a balanced line. It is especially effective in areas where fat is concentrated, such as the forearms, abdomen, and thighs, and is perfect when you need quick results for a special day.

Slim IV Drip

Decrease body fat, increase muscles! This fluid for dieters increases base metabolic rate while helping break down body fat to prevent muscle loss. It is effective not only for increasing base metabolic rate, but also in strengthening blood circulation and weight management before and after childbirth. Solve your lifelong diet concerns with Lante.

Skinny IV Drip

This fluid is for people who succeeded in weight loss and wish to maintain their body shape by improving the fundamental constitution of their body, as if they were born slim and do not gain weight easily. Lante’s unique IV recipe improves antioxidants and fat metabolism at the same time, preventing yoyo effects by suppressing appetite, improving insulin sensitivity, and promoting energy consumption. This powerful booster therapy from the Triple Diet will put the finishing touch on your diet.