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Non-surgical Clinic

If you are uncomfortable with surgery, choose Lante non-surgical clinic without incisions or sutures


Vaginal relaxation/Frigidity

Enhanced volume and flawless tightening effect!

Lante Vaginal Relaxation/Frigidity Clinic

Cutting-edge laser devices and fillers of various types that have been recognized for the treatment effect and stability of vagina tighten the vaginal wall and create young and healthy volume in the internal tissue.

How is vaginal relaxation/frigidity treated?

Vaginal relaxation is a state in which the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner due to various reasons such as aging, childbirth, and lifestyle. It can increase the incidence of vaginitis, and also affect sexual life or confidence as it is associated with symptoms of urinary incontinence and can lead to frigidity. Frigidity, which is mainly seen in menopausal women, is caused by hormonal changes, vaginal dryness, and blood flow reduction.

The treatment methods for both problems differ depending on the severity, but they can both be fully improved by non -surgical methods such as lasers and fillers.

Please pay special attention
if you are experiencing the following concerns.

  • I have experienced natural childbirth, and feel that vaginal pressure and elasticity has decreased.
  • During intercourse, I feel discomfort such as vaginal farting and genital slipping.
  • The stimulation from my partner feels dull during intercourse, and it is difficult to reach orgasm.
  • I have faked an organism.
  • Inflammation is frequent, secretion has increased, and I feel urinary incontinence from time to time.
  • I am concerned that my vagina is dry and relaxed, and I lack confidence about sexual life.

Vaginal relaxation and frigidity can be easily improved without surgery that requires incisions and sutures.
Lante OBGYN is proud of the short procedure/recovery time, and helps you regain your healthy vaginal condition through advanced authentic laser equipment such as VIVEVE2.0, MonaLisa Touch, and Zealthera that provide a clear tightening effect, fillers that safely create elastic collagen volume, O-shot injections that and improve sexual sensation in the clitoris and G-spot, and many other procedural treatments.

Tightening Solution

Vaginal tightening solution that is perfect for me

Tightening Lazer

Powerful and
clear effect


Evenly radiates 360° high-frequency energy to the vaginal wall to produce collagen and increase blood flow. It increases internal elasticity of the vagina and creates thick volume, providing a powerful vaginal tightening effect.

MonaLisa Touch

CO2 fractional laser is irradiated to the vaginal wall with a 360° automatically rotating tip to form collagen. It has a regenerative and tightening effect on the vaginal mucosa and is also effective in preventing dryness and inflammation.


It irradiates safe high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to help form collagen and contract vaginal muscles. You can achieve increased elasticity of the vaginal mucosa and a definite tightening effect.

Collagen Filler

Dramatic and
immediate effect


Collagen made from actual skin ingredients is injected to create a three-dimensional vaginal wall and maximize volume. It is also effective in creating elasticity and tightening the vagina.


Safe collagen capsules are injected into the lower layer of the vaginal mucosa to produce self-collagen. It keeps the vaginal wall thick and increases contractility, improving sexual sensation.

Sensitivity Enhancing Injections

Safe and
sure effect

O-Shot (PRP Injection)

Collected autologous blood (buffy coat) is injected into the vagina or C-spot to increase blood flow and promote nerve cell regeneration. It maximizes sexual sensation and helps improve elasticity and dryness.

JuveLook Volume

This is a collagen skin booster consists of P(DL)LA and HA. It proves to be safe because there are very few residues in the body. By continuously regenerating watery vaginal volume, it helps improve vaginal tightening and dryness/frigidity.

Surgery/procedures for synergy

Have you ever felt discomfort
beacuse of your vulva?


Recommend you labiaplasty
that would enhance
comfort and confidence

Are you difficult to
get sexual pleasure?

Clitoral exposure surgery

Recommend you clitoral exposure
operation that will help
to find your hidden orgasm

If you want your vulva
be with neat appearance?

Total vulvar

Recommend you our delicate
total vulva care that includes
hair removal, whitening, and so on