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Non-surgical Clinic

If you are uncomfortable with surgery, choose Lante non-surgical clinic without incisions or sutures.
It provides easy and complete care from the vulva to deep inside your body


Vaginal dryness/Sexual pain

Fill yourself with moisture and satisfaction

Lante Vaginal Dryness/Sexual Pain Clinic

Short procedure time, and less pain!
You will be filled with moisture with high safety and satisfaction.

How is vaginal dryness/sexual pain treated?

Vaginal dryness, which is commonly seen in menopausal women, is caused by a decrease in vaginal fluid due to changes in hormones and the vaginal environment after menopause. However, women in their 20s and 30s can also experience vaginal dryness regardless of age or hormones due to stress, fatigue, and irregular lifestyle habits.

Vaginal dryness can lead to sexual pain and sexual dysfunction, and can also cause complications due to injuries. There are a variety of treatment methods, including simply using gels, vaginal tablets, hormone therapy, and laser treatment. It is most advisable to receive treatment in a way that suits the severity of your symptoms and your condition through consultation.

Please pay special attention
if you are experiencing the following concerns

  • I experience pain or bleeding during intercourse.
  • Even with sufficient stimulation from the partner, there is little secretion of vaginal fluid.
  • After intercourse, there is a burning sensation inside the vagina, and vaginitis and cystitis often occur.
  • I usually feel dryness in the vagina and vulva, and it feels hot or stinging.
  • I lack confidence in sexual life, or lack sexual desire.
  • There is increased secretion and even odor.
  • I feel the urge to urinate often, and have symptoms of pain in urination and urinary incontinence.

Vaginal dryness can cause sexual pain, unsatisfactory sex life, discomfort in daily life, and other feminine diseases. Lante OBGYN helps create and maintain a moist and healthy vaginal environment through a variety of treatments including Jill’ Sof injections, which provide deep moisture and elasticity both on the outside and inside with less pain and a short treatment/recovery time. We do our best to relieve you of all your concerns.

Moisturizing Solution

A moisturizing solution that is perfect for me

Moisturizing Injection

moist effect

Jill’ Sof

It is excellent for treating vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, and alleviating sexual pain, and provides strong hydrating and moisturizing effects. The procedure time is short with almost no pain, so you can continue your daily activities right away.

Hyaluronic acid Filler

Provides moist, elastic volume to the vaginal wall while moistening and softening the inside of the vagina. It provides moisture and volume at the same time within a short treatment time.

Surgery/procedures for synergy

Have you ever felt discomfort
beacuse of your vulva?


Recommend you labiaplasty
that would enhance
comfort and confidence

Are you difficult
to get sexual pleasure?

Clitoral exposure surgery

Recommend you clitoral exposure
operation that will help
to find your hidden orgasm

If you want your vulva
be with neat appearance?

Total vulvar

Recommend you our delicate
total vulva care that includes
hair removal, whitening, and so on