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Vulva Total Care

Vulva is very sensitive area,
but it is exposed to irritation all day long,
so it requires more delicate care


Vulva hair removal

Perfect cleanliness created by delicate procedures!

Lante Vulvar hair removal

Clean results with minimum irritation! Experience a soft, refreshed look created by the careful and meticulous work of an experienced specialist.

Lante OBGYN uses Apogee Plus Apogee Plus

Apogee Plus

Apogee Plus is a 755nm alexandrite laser device that destroys hair root cells by selectively focusing heat on the melanin pigment of the hair follicle. It is effective for the removal of thin hair as well as thick hair, and causes no damage to the surrounding skin tissue as it destroys only the hair root cells. The irradiated heat energy reaches the dermal layer to provide collagen regeneration and whitening effects for pigmented skin. Furthermore, it is a non-contact method which makes it hygienic without the risk of infection. Another advantage is that the air-cooling system reduces pain.

The benefits of vulvar hair removal


Improves vulva cleanliness and hygiene, helps ventilation


Resolves odor and improves discomfort in daily life


Prevents various diseases such as vaginitis and skin trouble


Improves aesthetics


Enhances sexual sensation

The Uniqueness of Lante vulvar hair removal

single room

Private single room
for women only
with a comfortable
and cozy.

1:1 customized
hair removal

1:1 customized hair removal by
a female specialist considering
everyone’s skin condition,
thickness, amount,
and preference.

Perfect hair removal

Perfect, reliable
hair removal regardless
of hair thickness.

Plus effects

Triple effect of
“collagen regeneration” and
“whitening” along with
hair removal.

of pain

Minimization of pain
through air cooling