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Vulva Total Care

Vulva is very sensitive area,
but it is exposed to irritation all day long,
so it requires more delicate care


Labia majora lifting

Natural plumpness with no sagging

Lante Labia Majora lifting

It smoothens and revitalizes the labia majora, which are affected by aging like other parts of the skin resulting in wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

The benefits of labia majora lifting


Improves elasticity and wrinkles, and has a lifting effect


Plump volume up effect


Improves appearance through correction of left and right symmetry and smooth lines


Relieves discomfort such as underwear getting stuck


Relieves pain caused by bumps during intercourse


Increases confidence and improves aesthetics

JuveLook Volume Solution

JuveLook Volume

JuveLook Volume is a collagen skin booster composed of polymeric P(DL)LA and HA, which are naturally derived and highly biocompatible. It proves to be safe because there are very few residues in the body. The components are almost same as those of JuveLook, but its particles are larger, so it is more effective in creating volume. It helps saggy and sunken vulva full of fluffy volume, improves wrinkled or rough skin, regenerates scars, and gives moisture elasticity.

The Uniqueness of Lante labia majora lifting

single room

Private single room
for women only with a
comfortable and
cozy atmosphere.

1:1 procedure

1:1 customized procedure by
a female specialist considering
everyone’s skin condition,
labia majora size,
and build.

Top system

Top quality authentic
equipment and use of
regular dose.


Entire procedure performed
directly by an experienced

know-how on

Systematic and detailed
know-how on procedures
based on vast clinical