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Vulva Total Care

Vulva is very sensitive area,
but it is exposed to irritation all day long,
so it requires more delicate care


Elasticity Regeneration

Stay healthy and beautiful

Lante Vulvar elasticity regeneration

Improve your skin elasticity through delicate skin tissue regeneration and solve various pain, disease, and dryness problems.



WINBACK is the world’s first device that irradiates powerful high-frequency energy using a bracelet. By delivering energy evenly and precisely deep into the skin, it promotes lymphatic and blood circulation and has various effects such as cell regeneration, improvement of elasticity, toxin discharge, anti-aging, and collagen regeneration. We provide total care for a variety of feminine diseases, including vulva care, vaginal tightening, urinary incontinence treatment, vaginal pain, menstrual pain, and vulvar pain. It is almost painless for your convenient care.

Rejuran Solution of Lante OBGYN

Rejuran Healer

Rejuran Healer is a procedure that injects PN, a tissue regeneration material extracted from salmon, directly into the dermal layer of the skin. It is effective for restoring damaged and irritated skin to a healthy and elastic state, and helps improve overall skin condition by activating the skin’s regenerative ability, adjusting the oil and moisture balance, providing a lifting effect, and smoothing the skin texture. It is also effective for increasing skin elasticity from inside the skin. Our hospital performs both manual injections and machine injections.

JuveLook Solution of Lante OBGYN


JuveLook is a collagen skin booster composed of polymeric P(DL)LA and HA, which are naturally derived and highly biocompatible. It proves to be safe because there are very few residues in the body. JuveLook promotes the formation of collagen, improves fine wrinkles, rough and dry skin, and has elastic whitening effects. It helps wrinkled and flaccid vulva regenerated into moist skin and gives whitening effect on pigmented parts together.

The benefits of vulvar elasticity regeneration


Improves skin regeneration and wrinkles, and has a whitening effect


Volume up effect for bouncy elasticity


Prevents vulvar itching, skin trouble, and inflammation


Increases confidence and improves aesthetics

The Uniqueness of Lante vulvar elasticity regeneration

single room

Private single room
for women only with a
comfortable and
cozy atmosphere.

1:1 procedure

1:1 customized procedure by
a female specialist considering
everyone’s environment
and skin condition.

Top system

Top quality
“authentic equipment” and
use of “regular dose”.


Entire procedure performed
directly by an

know-how on

Systematic and detailed
know-how on procedures
based on vast clinical