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Lante Procedure Introduction

If you are uncomfortable with surgery,
choose Lante non-surgical clinic without incisions or sutures.
It provides easy and complete care from the vulva to deep inside your body.


Vaginal Filler

Powerful volume-up tightening

Vaginal Filler

Plump collagen and moisture volume create moist elasticity to maximize sexual pleasure.

The benefits of Vaginal Filler


Volume with no foreign feeling due to high biocompatibility and self-organization


Excellent stability with harmless ingredients that show no rejection


Increases vaginal elasticity and volume through collagen injection and synthesis


Narrows the gap between vaginal walls, resulting in tightening and maximized sexual sensation


Creates thick vaginal walls and improves vaginal tightening


Improves vaginal dryness and sexual pain through moisture supply


Short treatment time and quick return to daily activities

Lante Custom Vaginal Volume Filler


Wonderfill is a collagen filler made from allogeneic dermis (actual skin ingredient). When collagen is injected, natural engraftment and self-organization occurs in the vaginal mucosa, creating volume without a foreign feeling. As a particle-type filler, it has the advantage of being less mobile and less affected by physical stimulation, and is also effective in creating elasticity, vaginal tightening, and improving sexual sensation.


WINKFEEL produces self-collagen by injecting safe collagen capsules under the vaginal mucosa. As it creates full volume, it makes the inner vaginal wall three-dimensional, and keeps the vaginal wall thick. This embossing effect provides a powerful vaginal shrinking and tightening effect, and is very effective in maximizing sexual pleasure.

Hyaluronic acid filler

Hyaluronic acid filler instantly replenishes moisture in the vaginal wall and provides elastic volume. It softens the overall vaginal environment and creates a moist cushion on the vaginal wall, providing moisture and volume at once within a short treatment time. It is especially suitable for treating vaginal relaxation and vaginal dryness at the same time.

Lante OBGYN uses only safe and authentic products and performs vaginal filler treatments that are most appropriate for everyone’s physical environment and concerns. Lante’s unique know-how combines drugs in optimal proportions and injects the necessary dose at the correct location, helping relieve patients from all their concerns.

The Uniqueness of Lante OBGYN Non-surgical Clinic

care system

where female gynecologists,
conduct the whole process
from consultation
to procedure.

Private 1:1
customized care

with comfortable consultation
and detailed pre-examination
under strict privacy


Safe, comfortable experience
through safe equipment,
real-time monitoring,
and careful pain care.

Total care system

communicates and resolves
psychological concerns
as well as treats
physical symptoms.

safety system

only performs necessary
treatment and uses authentic
products putting the safety
of the patients as the
first priority.