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Lante Procedure Introduction

If you are uncomfortable with surgery,
choose Lante non-surgical clinic without incisions or sutures.
It provides easy and complete care from the vulva to deep inside your body.


PRP Injection

Safe and reliable regenerative effect using autologous blood

PRP Injection

Injects autologous blood (buffy coat) that is collected to help promote cell regeneration, strengthen elasticity, improve dryness, and improve sexual sensation.

What is PRP Injection?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a procedure for injecting platelets that are collected from the patient’s own blood cells. From the blood collected through a centrifuge, platelets, white blood cells, and stem cells (buffy coat) are separated. It is excellent for immune activity and cell regeneration, and has the same effect on the affected area when injected. It is especially effective in improving orgasm, sexual sensation, treating frigidity, and improving elasticity.

The benefits of PRP Injection


Safe procedure using autologous blood and has no side effects


Treats frigidity and maximizes sexual sensation by increasing blood flow


Enhances vaginal elasticity by promoting cell regeneration


Improves vaginal dryness by promoting collagen regeneration


Strengthens vaginal functions through growth factors in autologous blood


Increases overall sexual life satisfaction through improved sexual sensation


Short treatment time and quick return to daily activities

PRP Injection Procedure Process

step 01

Autologous blood collection and blood separation

Autologous blood is collected from the patient’s arm, and the blood is separated using a centrifuge. When blood is centrifuged and sedimented, a thin white border layer is formed between the top layer of plasma and the bottom layer of red blood cells.

step 02

Buffy coat collection

The blood is centrifuged to obtain a thin white border layer, also known as the buffy coat. Only the buffy coat, which is made up of less than 1% blood, is collected. It is made up of white blood cells, platelets, and stem cells and contains various growth factors. It is particularly helpful for immune activity and cell regeneration.

step 03

Buffy coat injection

The collected buffy coat is injected into the vagina or C-spot. It promotes nerve cell regeneration in and around the injected area, and increases blood flow to maximize sexual pleasure.

step 04

Improved vaginal function

As it contains growth factors, overall vaginal function improves after injection. Collagen regeneration strengthens vaginal elasticity and improves vaginal dryness. In particular, it maximizes sexual sensation and increases overall satisfaction with sexual life.

The Uniqueness of Lante OBGYN Non-surgical Clinic

care system

where female gynecologists,
conduct the whole process
from consultation
to procedure.

Private 1:1
customized care

with comfortable consultation
and detailed pre-examination
under strict privacy


Safe, comfortable experience
through safe equipment,
real-time monitoring,
and careful pain care.

Total care system

communicates and resolves
psychological concerns
as well as treats
physical symptoms.

safety system

only performs necessary
treatment and uses authentic
products putting the safety
of the patients as the
first priority.