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Lante Procedure Introduction

If you are uncomfortable with surgery,
choose Lante non-surgical clinic without incisions or sutures.
It provides easy and complete care from the vulva to deep inside your body.


JuveLook/JuveLook Volume

Certainly Volume-up Tightening

JuveLook/JuveLook Volume

With strong regeneration effect through collagen production
make the vulva and vaginal conditions younger overall.

The benefits of JuveLook/JuveLook Volume


High biocompatibility and safety with little residue left in the body


Continuous production of vaginal volume through collagen formation


Effect of vaginal tightening and improving dryness and frigidity through elastic regeneration


Regenerate the rough or sunken vulva to be elastic and smooth skin


Improve fine/deep wrinkles in the vulva and regenerate scars


Moisturizing whitening elasticity effect on dry, pigmented vulva


Short treatment time and quick return to daily activities

JuveLook/JuveLook Volume Solution


JuveLook is a collagen skin booster composed of polymeric P(DL)LA and HA, which are naturally derived and highly biocompatible. It proves to be safe because there are very few residues in the body. JuveLook promotes the formation of collagen, improves fine wrinkles, rough and dry skin, and has elastic whitening effects. It helps wrinkled and flaccid vulva regenerated into moist skin and gives whitening effect on pigmented parts together.

JuveLook Volume

JuveLook Volume is a collagen skin booster composed of polymeric P(DL)LA and HA, which are naturally derived and highly biocompatible. The components are almost same as those of JuveLook, but its particles are larger, so it is more effective in creating volume. When injecting into the vulva, it helps saggy and sunken vulva full of fluffy volume, improves wrinkled or rough skin, regenerates scars, and gives moisture elasticity. When injecting into the virginal, it helps improve vaginal tightening and dryness/frigidity by continuously regenerating watery volume.

The Uniqueness of Lante OBGYN Non-surgical Clinic

care system

where female gynecologists,
conduct the whole process
from consultation
to procedure.

Private 1:1
customized care

with comfortable consultation
and detailed pre-examination
under strict privacy


Safe, comfortable experience
through safe equipment,
real-time monitoring,
and careful pain care.

Total care system

communicates and resolves
psychological concerns
as well as treats
physical symptoms.

safety system

only performs necessary
treatment and uses authentic
products putting the safety
of the patients as the
first priority.